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Plan and carry out robberies as a freelance spy.

In Gunpoint, an original stealth and puzzle game, you take the role of a veteran spy who doesn't work either for the CIA or Mossad or any other intelligence agency. Tired of everything, your character decides to go it alone in Gunpoint, and offer their services as a "freelance" spy to anyone who needs ... and can afford them.

Because the theft of sensitive information and entering maximum security units isn't an easy thing, especially for a man on his own just like in Gunpoint, so you need a lot of tools and all sorts of "gadgets" to complete your missions. And above all, common sense ... and some twisted thinking to deceive people.

And in Gunpoint what dominates everything is deceit, thanks to a game system that lets you try different techniques and ways to achieve your goal in each mission (with violence, stealth, distraction, dialogue ...). Something is always possible ... but it won't always be easy to see. But no one said being a spy, especially on your own, was easy!


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